Why the Class of 84?

Our most asked questions after "Where'd your drummer get those short shorts?"  is WHY 1984?  

The answer is simple. 

1984  was the absolute BEST year for singles releases  in the whole decade...

Go see for yourself: Rolling Stones-100-best-singles-of-1984-pops-greatest-year

What do we play?   The music may be 35+ years old but we are consistently learning "new" material to keep our show fresh and eclectic .  We focus on dance, pop, new wave and rock with a sprinkle of hair and rap.  Check a sampling of our songs we perform.  

Meet the Band

Amanda Bee 

Lead Vocals


"Diamond" Doug Eagar



Mike Wessner


Kim Graf-Offner

Lead Vocals


Adam Martin

Keys, Vocals


Mike O'Neill

Wooden & Synth Bass

Chris Tarrach

Sound Engineer